Watch Deskera CEO Shashank Dixit explain Cloud and Cashless on CNBC Awaaz

Cloud computing brings state-of-the-art business software, only available to big corporates ealier, to the SMEs: Shashank Dixit

by | Dec 29, 2016 | General1 comment

In a candid rendezvous with CNBC Awaaz, Shashank Dixit, CEO of Deskera, explains how cloud-based business software applications could be the panacea for the problems faced by enterprises, particularly SMEs, in India. Moreover, the software could be a step in the right direction for a country adopting the Digital India initiative. Emphasizing how Deskera products are the only GST-ready ones, he highlights how the time is right for Indian SMEs to take the technology plunge to meet their growing needs and aspirations.

More in the CNBC Awaaz video!

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