100 days of GST: How Deskera is helping SMEs cope with new tax regime

Deskera has previously helped enterprises and businesses transition to GST in Malaysia and Singapore

The goods and services tax (GST) was rolled out on 1 July. It has been a 100 days of GST; no mean achievement. It has been touted as one of the biggest tax reform till date. The Central and State Governments came together to make it a success. There have also been glitches, particularly at the back end. The GST Network (GSTN) has been found struggling. Exporters as well as several other sectors of the industry have faced challenges. The GST is actually a work in progress. The GST Council, the top decision-making nodal body, has been invested with federal powers, drawing not only from the Center and state governments but also taxation power from India’s Parliament.

100 days of GST: Choose Deskera’s seamless integration for a smooth transition to GST

Today Deskera is among the first few companies who are GST ready to cater to India’s biggest tax reform and help companies move to GST. Deskera’s products are truely “Made in India” offering a complete suite of business applications on the cloud. With hands-on experience of migrating SMBs to GST in several other countries, the company is well acquainted with the issues and challenges that crop up.

“Deskera is an emerging leader of cloud-based integrated business management software products. It was born with a mission to help the underdogs particularly small businesses succeed and streamline their operations. We primarily want the SME sector to be able to compete with the big fish and achieve success through leveraging enterprise technology. With the 100 days of GST we are helping enterprises transition smoothly,” said Somesh Misra, VP, Deskera.

The unique feature of Deskera is that it helps in seamless transition and integration of the financial structure from old version to the new one. For instance, if a manufacturing company has its financial data stored in any old financial system of any business software, he need not worry about integration of his accounts, as Deskera will integrate it with the new structure, which is GST compliant and hence help in the smooth shift. Deskera also helps SMBs in dealing with the complexity of the multi-layered tax regime. Additionally, its cloud technology helps streamline inventories at multiple business units/ warehouses, thus providing real-time Input Tax Credits, which are most critical for GSTR filing.

Deskera is already the no. 1 choice of SMEs in South East Asia. The award winning company played a crucial role in helping SMEs transition from non-GST to GST regime in Malaysia. Having worked with various government departments and businesses across the region and assisting organizations in a seamless move to the GST-based taxation system, Deskera is well-versed with the nitty-gritty and requirements of the GST tax structure. No wonder, the company is listed on Singapore’s website for IRAS compliance and complies with Malaysian tax and statutory requirements.

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