How can the education industry of India benefit from digitization?

Automation will optimize admission, assignments and attendance processes of institutes

India has one of the largest higher education system in the world. It has become the second largest market for e-learning after the US. The sector is currently pegged at US$ 2 billion and is expected to reach US$ 5.7 billion by 2020.

In the world of global competition, a sophisticated cloud-based software solution is what institutions need. This software will enable institutions optimize their admission, assignments and attendance processes, reduce costs, and better use of manpower. With cloud-based automated education system paper-based processes will take a back seat. This paradigm shift is neither expensive nor complicated. It does not require any heavy spending since it is an infrastructure-free IT set-up. At the same time, it can be accessed from any electronic device on-the-go.

Deskera, an emerging leader of cloud-based business software solutions offers an integrated suite of solution dedicated to the education industry with an aim to encourage them towards digitization. Deskera’s Learning Management System (LMS) simplifies teaching and learning process, enhances student performance, helps in effective faculty management, and end-to-end course management. One can manage faculty and student groups as well as the schedule of course activities through LMS. Additionally, it can track students’ progress and performance across courses, and provide a solution for managing all learning processes.

This software caters to all the learning management needs of an institute. One can get supporting systems like Financial, HR, and Operations Management built-in with Deskera’s LMS Software.

Some of the modules are listed below:

  1. Student Management: This module helps in managing the entire student life-cycle ranging from admission to alumni management. Furthermore, you can manage and maintain funding records of students, carry out quick and efficient registration for terms, courses, hostels, study material, and more.
  2. Faculty Management: It allows you to maintain comprehensive faculty management information, including qualifications and skill sets. It also helps define triggers to remind faculty and administrators of contract expiry dates and more. Faculty can communicate easily with students and give students access to class documents with this software.
  3. Course Management: It helps teachers to create curriculum, lesson plans, and syllabi to streamline course planning with the latest technologies. It ensures students understand their curriculum and syllabus. Faculty can create timetables of students or groups for each year based on courses selected by students.

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“Managing funds in an institution and tracking them into a report is tiresome job when done manually. There are strong chances of error along with lot of investment of manpower and productive time,” said Shashank Dixit, CEO, Deskera. “With Deskera LMS an institution can function at its maximum potential right from operations management, finance to HR related issues and that too real time,” he further added.

The software speeds up the entire process of institution management. Whether it is admission of a new batch or generating customized reports it is a matter of seconds. It also helps teachers do away from the monotonous activity of one-on-one attendance so that they can spend their time doing the most productive work i.e. teaching.



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