Social media can help in better customer relationship management (CRM)

Leveraging various social media networks can aid business expansion and lead generation as well

Connectivity is the new buzzword. Thus, there has been substantial increase in adoption of social media for business expansion and lead generation. In several instances, an enterprise’s success could critically depend on social media strategy. For example, if the customer relationship management (CRM) software links comments on Facebook or Instagram pages back to an enterprise’s database and sets follow-ups for support team automatically, it would be a great customer relationship tool. Similarly, inputs from such platforms could result in lead generation. Integration of such platforms can help you create engagements with customers post-sales, a handy tool in the fast and furious world of digital marketing.

Social media and CRM for digital marketing

Social media integration can have many advantages for a company. It can help business professionals engage with customers and peers. Companies can allow customers to comment on social media platforms. Customers, on the other hand, can use platforms to post positive or negative feedback. As people get increasingly Web-savvy, the trend will pick up. In fact, support staff respond to such complaints promptly as nobody wants to be seen as being indifferent to the needs of customers.

Generally, enterprises employ people to take feedback and respond to customer issues. A small issue can boomerang into a major crisis due to the reach of social media. A robust strategy can take care of hitches, making support staff positions redundant. Embedding social media history and profile of leads into the CRM system can be handy. Virtual platforms can improve customer experience and help post-sale customer engagement as well.

Discover the potential of social media Integration in CRM

Companies use social media networking to promote brand identity, improve internal communication and connect with consumers and prospects.

“CRM providers are developing functionalities to combine the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 technologies. Embedding features like activity feeds, chatbots, and conversation threads in CRM applications can open doors to possibilities in software development and integrated digital marketing,” said Shashank Dixit, CEO, Deskera, a global cloud-based ERP and CRM provider.

Future of social media and customer relationship management

A Gartner report says 50% of big organizations have some internal social networks and 30% of such networks would be considered essential, like email and telephone for business productivity. Therefore, it’s in the interest of organizations to draw a comprehensive strategy to provide businesses a competitive edge.

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